Construction of Hengelo Municipal Offices started

Start construction marks a powerful impulse for the city centre of Dutch city of Hengelo

Hengelo will build a new municipal office complex, and the neighbouring monumental city hall will be fully renovated. The municipal executive voted in favour of this on 15 December 2015. EGM architecten designed both buildings, which together form one functional entity. With this development, the executive wants to give a powerful boost to the centre of Hengelo.

Romance versus technology

The design of the new municipal offices and the monumental city hall is a mixture of contemporary techniques and production methods, combined with elements from the surroundings. The Hengelo steel industry, timber-framed farmhouses, salt towers, and natural materials from the region such as wood and brick, all surface in the design. The reuse of materials, cradle-to-cradle applications and a flexible structure ensure a sustainable and energy-efficient concept.

Boost for city centre

The construction of the new municipal offices gives a powerful boost to the city centre. By locating the municipal organization in the city centre, the city will attract more visitors, among them the 600 employees of the city who now work on Hazenweg. Moreover, some 100,000 visitors come to the public counters every year for products and services. But the municipal office and city hall also form a meeting point for exhibitions, discussions and presentations. It is a place where inhabitants, politicians, entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions meet one another.

Marcel Elferink, the alderman responsible: "By taking the decision now, the municipal executive is taking responsibility and creating clarity for local inhabitants, municipal personnel and the business community. I am very happy with this decision. With the choice to locate the municipal offices here, the city authorities want to attract more people to the centre, thereby enhancing its vibrancy."

Savings on accommodation costs

The run-up to the decision was intensive and complicated. It involved product cutbacks, a search for alternative accommodation and cost comparisons. The final conclusion is that the investment in and construction of new municipal offices will lead to a structural annual saving of 536,000 euros on total accommodation costs.

Renovation of city hall and redevelopment of public space

At the same time, the city hall will undergo a sweeping renovation. When complete, this national monument will become a meeting point for citizens, administrators and public officials. The public space around the city hall and municipal offices will be redesigned and turned into a warm and atmospheric area.


The municipal council still has to formally ratify the decision at the end of January 2016. Once the council has given the go-ahead, and before the work can commence, the next steps in the process will be taken, and these steps should be completed by the middle of 2016. In practical terms, it is possible that work will commence after the construction workers’ holidays in 2016.