Radboudumc Main Building most sustainable hospital in the Netherlands

Design Radboudumc in Nijmegen receives BREEAM-NL ‘Excellent’ certificate

In early 2018 Radboudumc received the BREEAM-NL ‘Excellent’ certificate for the design of the new Building S. Designed by EGM architects, the hospital works with Radboud University to benefit patients and exert a minimal impact on the environment.

BREEAM Excellent

The design of Building S has achieved the highest score of all hospitals in the Netherlands and thus received the BREEAM-NL ‘Excellent’ certificate. With Building S, the hospital combines a healing environment with sustainability and social commitment. This aligns perfectly with the hospital’s mission ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’.

Sustainability at the core of Building S

What makes Building S so different to most other hospital buildings are the many sustainable aspects. The architect consciously chose to use sustainable and low-maintenance materials. Moreover, some 700 m² of solar panels are installed on the roof, and Building S uses thermal energy storage in the ground. By storing cold air in winter and warm air in the summer, the building meets its own energy needs in a sustainable manner. Various water-saving measures have also been implemented to reduce water consumption to 375 litres per bed per day. The average figure is about 600 litres. The sum of all these individual measures makes the difference!

Want to know more?

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