Amersfoort Fire Station

Fire Station

Efficiency and functionality

A sober and functional building that stands out by its shape and material choice

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Amersfoort Fire Station

Fire Station Amersfoort - A sober and functional building, characterised by shape and material

Efficiency and functionality were at the core of the task in building the new Amersfoort Fire Station. Therefore, EGM architecten chose a very direct approach to both form and materials. From the technical image of the folded aluminium skin to the subtle rhythm of the façade’s projecting windows, the beauty of the building is rooted in this approach. The new station has a wide variety of functions, a large number of individual users and a continuous 24-hour crew. This requires good internal logistics and a clear structure.


The building has a compact design with a three-storey section containing workshops, warehouses, offices, instructional classrooms, canteen, the living areas and bedrooms. A single-storey midway section forms the transition to the big apparatus bay where the vehicles and containers are located. Both the interior and exterior of the building have a sober and functional character. The aluminium façade and roof coverings form a wavy plate, giving volume to the station. The remaining façade surfaces are covered by wooden slats, a sharp contrast to the glass-enclosed apparatus bay. The other walls alternate with dark gray cement sheeting and vertical windows. The result is a sober and functional building, characterised by shape and material.