Entrance pavilion pharmaceutical company

New entrance building connects production and office areas

A new spatial heart on the campus for a pharmaceutical international

Smart repositioning of offices creates space for modern pavilion with friendly appearance

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Entrance pavilion pharmaceutical company

The closed character of the existing site makes way for transparency and a modern appearance

An international pharmaceutical company that works in the Netherlands on the development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of medicines and vaccines has invited EGM to present a vision of the future for their terrain and entrance.

New design stimulates staff interaction

The location of the site is just outside the city centre. In recent years this campus has been split into a number of plots, each devoted to a different use, such as production, office and management. A reorganization of the office areas will involve the demolition of some existing office volumes.

In the new design, the closed character of the original site layout makes way for openness. Demolishing some office volumes creates an open space for a new entrance building, which also acts as an expo and congress venue. This friendly-looking transparent building functions as a crucial hinge in the design.

The entrance pavilion also brings together the production and office areas in an inventive way. A feature of the design is a large glazed façade to the entrance and water sides. Internally, the design stimulates interaction among employees. The fresh, modern appearance reflects the new direction of the company.