Hanzeborg Multifunctional care complex

Retirement home, Lelystad

Heart of the neighbourhood where care, services and activities come together in a contemporary building

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Hanzeborg residential care centre is located in Hansa Park, a new residential area adjacent to the city centre of Lelystad. A contemporary yet timeless and unique building where providing and receiving care has a new dimension added to it. EGM used the initial design as the basis for this building. A building where care, services and activities all come together. It is the combination of different disciplines which gives strength to the complex. Hanzeborg has a strong position within the local urban dependency. In the present social context, a private healthcare is no longer restricted to just one location. However, care should remain easily accessible. Therefore, in the design phase, the relationship between interactive facilities was kept in check. Social and recreational activities ran seamlessly together with the actual care.


Hanzeborg had become the beating heart of the neighbourhood, therefore, the two lower levels – where public functions are embedded – were designed as transparent and accessible as possible. Forthose enjoying a walk from the care facility to the park, located behind the building, interesting pedestrian routes through Hanzeborg are now offered. This building combines its transparent structure and public access to the entrance of the residential area through the park, forming an interesting point on the route.