Kadaster, Apeldoorn

Office interior

Ideal conditions for meeting and exchange of knowledge

Usage spaces like wall voids, pantries, and restaurant, which sometimes are circulation space, along with the main corridors and stairs of the building form a continuous interior.

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Kadaster, Apeldoorn

Continuity in interior

For the IT department of Kadaster we have developed the overall concept for the accommodation of the office. This concept includes the design and detailed drawings of the airframe, airframe finish, fixed and removable establishment of an office of approximately 10,000 sqm.

Housing office

Important principles in creating the design were the organizational structure and the required corporate identity of Kadaster ITS. The IT department of Kadaster is a project organization where people work both individually and in large project teams of varying composition. An accessible internal communication and optimal exchange of knowledge are important to the smooth running of the business.

Dynamic and technologically IT image

The spatial structure of the office, with short walking and sight lines supports this corporate structure. In addition, the building should radiate both the trustworthy and professional image Kadaster, as the more dynamic technological and IT image. In order to enable short lines the north wing and the south wing are arranged in split level relative to each other. This is done so that successive stages only become separated to half a floor. The activities require a high degree of concentration. It was therefore decided for traditional office wings with cellular offices. The variation in the size of the standard rooms provides the necessary flexibility.

Use of lift is not necessary

The exchange of knowledge and communication within this building will take place in specific areas, to which The building got its character. These usage spaces like wall voids, pantries and restaurant, which sometimes are circulation space, together with the main corridors and stairs of the building a continuous interior. You can walk through the entire building without a lift. The open and transparent nature of the interior ensures that the building allows for spontaneous meetings and thus potentially enhances internal communications.