Open Vensters (Open Windows)

Care and nursing, Ameide

Custimized care in a 'livable' and recognizable house

The eclectic concept is based on a sustainable and forward-looking vision. The appearance of the new building is a combination of characteristic, traditional and contemporary elements.

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Open Vensters consists of private residences and a section for public facilities, connected by an indoor glass roofed street. In the residential section, where group accommodations and private care apartments are located, living is emphasized. The children’s day care center and the office staff of Present (previously AV Zorggroep) share the facilities section.


The entrance building houses the facilities section as well as a restaurant and lounge. The roof of the building, consists of glazed tiles with large dormers, referring to the agricultural surroundings and provides an ‘open window’ to the heart of the village of Ameide. With a view on the future, the psycho geriatric group accommodations consist of single rooms, some even with private bathrooms. Medium care is located in apartments which are suitable for flexible lease in the future.