Operational Centre Stichtse Brug

Logistics complex for security services, Zeewolde

An operational centre as a landmark; a symbol for safety in the region

A durable and distinctive building that catches the eye both day and night. It has a dynamic feel that fits with the purposeful, vigilant and efficient organisation in support of police, fire brigade and ambulance services. They guarantee the safety of citizens 24/7.

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Operational Centre Stichtse Brug

Focused on logistics complex for security

The centre is situated strategically along highway A27, close to the Stichtse Brug. The building houses emergency services for security regions Flevoland and the Gooi and Vechtstreek. EGM designed a striking and flexible building which is a stunning landmark in the vast landscape of the surrounding polders. It was motivated by more intense collaboration between emergency services, and the related quality improvement and improved efficiency.

Dynamic and distinctive

With the architecture, EGM architecten has successfully emphasized the horizontal character of both the polder landscape and the functional set-up of the building. The result is a distinctive building that both mirrors and transcends the environment. It emanates the dynamism, vigilance and focus that symbolises the emergency services.

24/7 character

The bright and efficient structure of the building and terrain provide excellent logistics support for the services. The façade is accentuated with environmentally friendly reflective paints. Because of its visibility as a beacon in the night, the 24 hour character of emergency services is highlighted.

Durable and flexible

Durability of the complex is an important aspect. EGM has decided on a building with ageless architecture and a very flexible set-up. In addition, state-of-the-art technology was integrated into the design in order to minimize energy consumption, and therefore also operational costs.