Museum-Plus Shoe Museum

Sustainable renovation of monumental museum, Waalwijk (The Netherlands)

The new museum is a valuable and prestigious project in the centre of Waalwijk

EGM architects sketch a vision for the transformation of the former town hall in Waalwijk into a modest yet elegant museum.

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Museum-Plus Shoe Museum

Balanced relationship between the monumental complex and the new museum

Waalwijk has a rich tradition of shoemaking and leather working for which the town is celebrated. EGM architects have created a conceptual vision for the new shoe museum, called Museum-Plus, in Waalwijk. This design fulfils a clearly symbolic value for the sector in question, illustrates the town's rich history, and expresses the pride of today's inhabitants and generations to come. In addition, the design creates a balanced and measured relationship between the existing monumental complex and the new museum.

Shoemaking and leather working

The Museum-Plus is located in Waalwijk town centre, the very place where the shoe and leather industry arose. The local council has decided to extend the museum with links to schools, cultural organizations and the business community, thereby making a visit to the museum even more appealing. 

EGM has sketched a building that people enjoy visiting and working in. In addition, the new venue must be flexible, comprehensive, efficient and future-proof, and must make use of high-quality production techniques and materials.

Logical arrangement of functions

Upon arrival, visitors are naturally drawn, in part by the daylight entering through the roof, to the leatherclad reception desk in the middle. The location of the various functions is crystal clear to everybody. Visitors can go to the café, watch activities in the Living Lab, take part in workshops or congresses, or enjoy the museum collection in the museum.

Modest yet elegant feel

The new museum displays a pleasant balance between restraint, sturdiness, functionality and spaciousness. Modest yet elegant in appearance, the building reflects the character and identity of Waalwijk, providing a venue that local people can relate to and be proud of. They see in the building a remarkable and recognizable structure that symbolizes Waalwijk's shoemaking and leather-working past.