Large-scale urban renewal, Tilburg

Old train area steaming towards a new and bustling urban district

Large-scale urban renewal in Tilburg makes room for living, working and parking around the old railway line. Prominent landmark is the 101 meter high residential and office tower, the Stadsheer, with its cube-shaped greenhouses and a fantastic view over the whole area.

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From dilapidated railway yard to vibrant urban area

Urban renewal

The Haestrechtkwartier is part of a major urban renewal programme next to the railway line in Tilburg. The vacant and dilapidated railway yards and workshops of the old NS have been transformed into new and vibrant metropolitan areas. The total planning area extends from the office of Interpolis on the east side to the Westpoint tower on the west side. Part of an urban master plan, this particular project was the first new development. The program consists of a garage, office spaces and houses. The garage is a long section of building that acts as a sound buffer between the railway and the offices and residential areas just behind. The office sections are formed like a comb, creating courtyards between the office wings that form collective public areas.


The Stadsheer

A changing palette of materials and colours is applied to the façades, fragmenting the scale of the complex. The 101 meter tall residential and office tower, the Stadsheer, shares the impressive urban line of sight with Interpolis’ high-rise building and the Westpoint building, both marking either end of the total planning area. Transparent cube-shaped greenhouses land mark the residential areas in the tower. These glass balconies look like water droplets hanging on the façades and are now so iconic that they give the tower its own character. Due to its height this building plays an important role in the orientation of the station area.

senior architect

Gerard de Jong