Interiordesign for hotel & leisure

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Interiordesign for hotel & leisure

Optimal experience and leisure time in a customized environment. Buildings rooted in culture

Rivas Beatrix Hospital, Gorinchem (the Netherlands)

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Retail - Roodfeld Mens Fashion, Dordrecht (the Netherlands)

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Lobby Reinier de Graaf Hospital, Delft (the Netherlands)

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Schakenbos Noord, Leidschendam (the Netherlands)

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Meeting area Schakenbos Noord, Leidschendam (the Netherlands)

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Drie Eiken - Care hotel, Edegem (Belgium)

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Herlaarhof, Vught (the Netherlands)

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Interior design for hotel & leisure sector

Hotel & leisure is a very competitive market. The sector is growing rapidly, highly varied in expression and, more than anywhere else, the consumer plays an essential role. That is why a recognizably distinctive identity, a strong connection with the immediate cultural and urban context and a total experience are important and distinguishing factors for your business. The concept, the functionality and the experience must be aligned and must guarantee a continuous experience.

For EGM interiors, user experience is shaped by the choice of materials, lighting design, art, greenery, graphic design and multimedia. Our designers have extensive experience in the field of hospitality design and are ready to discuss with you the latest national and international trends in lifestyle, culture and leisure.

A distinctive interior in front of and behind the scenes

Your supporting organization and logistics connect seamlessly and imperceptibly with the user experience. EGM interiors incorporates process developments, quality controls, technical reports and supplies in the functional and technical design, with an emphasis on efficiency and speed of action, and an awareness of the opportunities for Smart Building. In the design process we help you with virtual tours through the design by means of virtual reality and augmented reality to ensure that the user perception aligns perfectly with the expectations of you and your clients.

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