EGM r&d

Knowledge is the engine of innovation in architecture. We offer advice and build successful designs on the basis of new insights and solutions through creative scientific research and imagination.

Research and development

EGM R&D designs through research. We analyse trends and developments and conduct scientific research. In addition, we hold talks, guest lectures and workshops with experts. Though a process of dialogue with educational institutes, end users and officials, we are able to translate the latest developments into spatial solutions.

Our team has a broad view of the world and looks further than just the architectural concept. We pose other questions and offer refreshing insights. For example, we look at organizational structures and working processes that are important for a well-functioning design.
We develop new design tools. For this we make use of virtual and augmented reality and conduct research by means of simulations or virtual mock-up rooms. Depending on the commission, we apply various techniques. With new tools such as interactive apps, we make our knowledge and experience as visible as possible for our users.


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