Patrick Tak

IT and Innovation manager

About Patrick

Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for ICT within EGM architects. Construction and IT are two worlds that are increasingly growing closer together. Without IT no stone will be laid. By embracing innovation as an organization, we can improve our designs or accelerate processes.

AI or artificial intelligence has taken off enormously in 2023. By using image-ai such as Stable Diffusion, we can create a virtual colleague who is always available, unlimited in his creativity and never grumpy. GTP4all gives you the opportunity to play around with texts and try out different perspectives.
These techniques are not yet perfect, but in 20% of the time we are 80% of the way to the finish line.

Parametric and generative design is an alternative way of designing. The design process has changed enormously since the 1980s. From designing by hand to 2D CAD we have made the step to 3D and BIM. The next step is designing with parameters. The input of the model determines the outcome. The architect uses the parameters to create a new design according to the rules of the game. The computer supports this by directly analyzing and providing feedback on the design. The outcome is a better design that can be made measurable at an early stage in various ways.

In 2015, EGM itself started developing VR applications for the Oculus DK2. The Oculus Rift, Oculus GO, Google Cardboard and Oculus Quest were later added. Virtual Reality offers architecture unprecedented opportunities to test or experience a design at an early stage together with the client. Communication in a 1:1 3D model provides a clear picture for all parties.


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