Interiordesign for healthcare

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Interiordesign for healthcare

Improving in a building that suits you. The welfare of patients, residents and staff is always the priority

'Healing images' - residential center Midden-Inn, Heerjansdam (the Netherlands)

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Reinier de Graaf Hospital, Delft (the Netherlands)

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Groene Hart Hospital, Gouda (the Netherlands)

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Secluded working place in public area Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

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Drie Eiken - Care hotel, Edegem (Belgium)

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Residential center Midden-Inn, Heerjansdam (the Netherlands)

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Glass covered public pedestrian area with shops - Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

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Rooming-in - modular seating and sleeping furniture

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Interior design in healthcare

Successful designs for healthcare demand a lot of specific knowledge and experience. At EGM you find all this under one roof. Together with you, we design an integral and inspiring environment customized for patients, residents and healthcare professionals. We build on existing successes and innovate where possible. Together with you, we search for the 'question behind the question', making use of Evidence-Based Design methods and constantly pushing back boundaries to explore new research possibilities.

Patient journeys play a crucial role

Owing to our many years of experience in both healthcare and cure, EGM interiors is a leader in applying materials and details suitable for healthcare. We know what works in healthcare environments. 'Patient journeys', the experience and perception of patients, play a crucial role during our design process. Thinking and designing from the perspective of patient, resident and care professional, we design interiors at all levels of perception that strengthen the identity of your particular organization. We use contemporary design tools and presentation techniques such as virtual reality and augmented reality, so that you can experience your new interior at an early stage of design development, allowing us to optimize the experience even before it is realized.

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