International recognition for EGM

European Healthcare Design Award for Medical Psychiatric Unit Radboud university medical center

During the 3rd European Healthcare Design Congress and Exhibition 2017 in London the Medical Psychiatric Unit of the Radboud university medical center received the Highly Commended Award in the category Mental Health Design.

The award recognizes design excellence in a mental healthcare project that, through innovative design thinking, achieves a reconciliation between the needs of the patient for a humanistic environment that supports ongoing therapy, care and recovery, and the requirement for appropriate levels of safety, security and supervision.

Tailored care in a wellness-like environment

The Medical Psychiatric Unit offers tailored care, supported by an environment in which architectural quality and technology are fully integrated. The functional, safe and wellness-like environment of the psychiatric department stimulates the autonomy and independence of patients and ensures that care providers work as efficiently as possible. Everything is geared to providing optimal care.  

Smart Building

Innovative techniques such as integrated devices with intercom, fall detection and a Track & Trace system ensure that technology disappears into the background and the user quality is maximized. In addition to the wellness-like atmosphere with natural materials, all rooms are fitted with a Bluetooth connection. Patients can listen to their own music through the integrated loudspeakers. The innovative climate control system creates a healthy and comfortable interior climate.

Compassionate and safe Psychiatric Unit

The original gloomy and confined clinic has been transformed into a well-planned, compassionate, therapeutic and safe environment with plenty of daylight and views, and various gradations of privacy. The result is a homely and compassionate environment for a vulnerable patient group, which also meets the strictest standards in the area of safety, hygiene and infection prevention. Patients and care providers are highly enthusiastic about the pleasant and therapeutic environment that contributes to healing and recovery.


Willeminke Hammer (partner-architect EGM) accepted the award jointly with René Bleeker (managing director Real Estate Development Radboud university medical center) and Suzanne Holtz (SH Studio).