Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 18/19

Erasmus MC acknowledged for its architectural quality

With Erasmus MC, EGM architects is prominently featured in ‘Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2018/2019’. A prestigious recognition of the architectural qualities of the medical centre. The editors of the book highlight the latest trends and developments in architecture by showcasing 27 defining projects.

The Erasmus MC receives a great deal of attention in the yearbook with a broad project presentation and in-depth study in the essay "The working of materiality" by Lara Schrijver (Professor in Architecture, University of Antwerp). In her essay, she aptly states how "... the materiality of the building has become part of the healing process." The contrast in composition and finish of visible concrete, both in the buildings’ exterior and interior, as well as the precise application and fitting of steel, wood, bamboo and textile, among other things, underline the tactility and human dimension of the building.

EGM and Erasmus MC are very proud of the appreciation the building receives.


The project presentation and the essay can be read via the PDF on the right.

‘Architecture in the Netherlands’ can be ordered from publisher NAi010.