Central Militairy Hospital UMCu

One-stop shop for the care of our armed forces

A place with a recognizable and individual identity

The multifunctional Central Military Hospital has been renovated and expanded to optimally accommodate the various aspects of military healthcare. A recognizable and friendly environment where soldiers from each of the four army units feel at home. Own identity, quality, efficiency and safety play an important role in this.

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Central Militairy Hospital UMCu

The care for miliary personnel is central here

The Central Military Hospital (CMH) provides the best care to soldiers. Everything is focused on the care demand of the soldier, where health and employability are central. The core concepts of camaraderie, trust, hostmanship and clear are central.


Expansion and modernization

The CMH is located on the 'Uithof' campus. The building, designed by EGM in 1991, is connected to the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) via two bridges. These walkways endorse the close cooperation between the two organizations, both in the medical and administrative fields. The renovation and expansion was necessary to house extra services (including the dental center, the military mental health care and the Military Blood Bank), to facilitate changed work structures, such as a new concept, and to accommodate recent design insights. Spatial solutions are in line with the core concepts of the CMH and the existing house style.


Core values made tangible

Breaking open the atrium, making incisions in the half-round, cleaning up, removing and relocating the many individually different additions in recent years and the consistent application of the interior concept with real, friendly and recognizable materials and colors make the CMH again a pleasant workplace and a warm bath for the soldier.


Hostmanship also means incorporating all procedures and processes as efficiently as possible. A building must also facilitate that

Dr. Jelle (A.H.) Bos, Commander CMH, naval captain and doctor


The accurate new layout of the floors with different (collaborative) work concepts, subdivided into public, social and private areas, creates recognisability and trust. The insicies from the semi-circular facade to the central atrium bring daylight deep into the building and offer a view to the outside. It provides clear lines of sight and good orientation. Friendly-looking and strategically placed counters underline hostmanship, offering a warm welcome. The counters have the same design and materialization and are provided with a different color accent. It makes the orientation intuitive and thus reduces the stress level. The atrium has been transformed into a warm informal meeting place. Robust wooden façades give the entrance a recognizable look and connect the tiled and curved components.


Customization for soldiers

The entire building has been made more hospitable to the military patient and his or her home front. It has been expanded with 1600 m2 of floor space and has been almost completely adapted from the inside, which has greatly improved technology, privacy and comfort. Queen Máxima reopened the renovated hospital in June 2019.


Photography: Rob van Esch