Erasmus MC Emergency Centre

Emergency assistance for the young and old

Designs on a personal scale and sophisticated logistics provide tranquility

At the new Emergency Centre both adults and children can receive care. The centre is located next to the main entrance of the Erasmus MC, clearly visible and accessible from the city. Natural light, views and greenery reduce the levels of stress felt by patients.

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The Emergency Centre is located in the new building on the side of the existing Sophia Children's Hospital building. Two originally separate hospitals are literally being connected as one via the new building. The new centre, where both children and adults are to be helped, is a wonderful example of mutual cooperation.

A calming environment

In the Erasmus MC Emergency Centre, everything is focused on having a comfortable stay in a pleasant and calming environment. Children have their own waiting room with a play wall, protecting them from the hectic environment of the adult emergency area. Furthermore, the friendly colours, the diverse waiting areas as well as the atrium with natural light, greenery and a sky ceiling all help to reduce stress. Its effectiveness has already been proven, as this usually hectic centre has experienced next to no incidents since it came into use.

The quickest way to the best care 

In the new building, everything is focused on the extensive integration of acute healthcare. In the new Erasmus MC, the new OT centre, interventional radiology and the Intensive Care Unit are located directly above the Emergency Centre entrance. This provides better connections and shorter distances. The trauma helicopter, which lands on the existing helipad, has been fitted with a direct bridge and lift connection to the Emergency Centre. In the Emergency Centre entrance, thorax ambulances are combined with the entrance for elective care or ambulance transport from other hospitals. This helps stagger the rush of ambulance areas in advance. 

Specialised referral duties

The Emergency Centre of the Erasmus MC is an important department that is heavily active. Approximately 30,000 patients are treated here on an annual basis. In addition, the medical centre is also involved with disaster relief and the treatment of infectious diseases. The centre also plays an important role in the care of highly complex (trauma) patients in the case of large-scale emergencies. For both the context of optimal daily use as well as disasters, the layout of the spaces have been made as uniform as possible, providing for maximum flexibility. 

Optimal integration and logistics

At the request of the client, the new Emergency Centre was completed earlier than anticipated. It needed therefore to be integrated into the design and construction schedule ahead of time. Consideration was already been given to creating a design and layout that could also be used as a guide for areas developed subsequently. The result is a spacious department in the heart of the building with an optimal connection to the other departments, in the new building as well as in the existing ones. Thanks to its sophisticated logistics and personal scale, the building provides a certain tranquility to patients, supervisors and employees alike.