Erasmus MC Sophia Obstetrics

Care and comfort for mother and child in a serene environment

Daylight, space and comfort combined with high quality care

In the Obstetric Clinic everything revolves around the health of mother and child. Here intensive care is provided in an innovative and comfortable environment, spacious and serene.

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The Obstetric Clinic at the Erasmus Medical Center is housed in the roof structure of the Sophia Children’s Hospital, between the first-line birth centre and the pregnancy and maternity unit. The new department brings together clinical and outpatients’ services: five new delivery rooms, three spacious obstetric CCUs, a combined delivery and emergency room, a day care, and a staff department for Obstetrics and Neonatology.

Innovative and patient-focused

The layout of all delivery rooms is identical. Every two delivery rooms are connected by a resuscitation room, where newborn babies can receive intensive treatment after a difficult start. A glazed wall between the resuscitation room and the delivery room allows parents to see their baby. Every delivery room contains a viewing space with a one-way screen, behind which doctors, students or supervisors can observe without disturbing the patient.

Unique intervention room

A unique element for the Netherlands is the intervention room, a delivery room where seriously ill pregnant women can give birth in a natural manner, but where caesarean sections can be performed if necessary. Patients therefore do not need to be moved from the delivery room to the operating theatre, thus preventing additionnal risks because of the time involved to move the patient. The obstetric operation room receives daylight and is fitted with all the necessary equipment.

Single-person rooms

Intensive care was previously provided in one three-person room, but now space has been created for three single-person OCCUs (Obstetric Critical Care Unit). Thus a totally new department has been created, where seriously ill pregnant women can be cared for and where collaboration between other departments such as cardiology, internal medicine and obstetric anaesthesiology can take place. 

Fresh and calm atmosphere

Plenty of glazing has been incorporated into the facade of the new complex, allowing copious amounts of daylight to flood the corridors and rooms. Hallmarks of the long corridors are the fresh and calming feel with atmospheric lighting. The reception desk is an eye-catching feature. Rooms are furnished in a warm, welcoming, comfortable style with enough space to move around.