Crematorium, Dordrecht

New look for an old lady

EGM designed a new sustainable public office. We will renovate the existing building and expand it with a new crematorium. In addition, we designed a master plan for the interior and we designed a new entry way.

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A new crematorium, a new gateway

Since the beginning of this century the oldest part of the municipal cemetery, de Essenhof, has been enjoying protection as national monument.Upon stepping through the main entrance, the modern adjoining crematorium and auditorium complex springs into view. These were built in 1988 by EGM architecten. A modern building with round shapes, white façades and narrow, rectangular windows. At the heart of the building, a round patio has been built in which a pond and a rock garden have been installed. The auditorium is a high, bright space that exudes calm and respect. With its simple decor, views of the green surroundings and surrounding beautiful ash trees, this room is suitable for all funerals and for any denomination or belief.


The crematorium is located in the basement. In the coming years, Essenhof will undergo several renovations. These are part of the master plan that, among other things, will ensure that the cemetery meets all legal environmental requirements. EGM drew up designs for a new sustainable visitor office in the shape of a plectrum. In this building, visitors can ask questions, receive grave allotments, get ashes information and discuss administrative issues. EGM also a master plan in the works: designs for the interior and a new entrance. A makeover for a classic building.