Friendshipsite Antwerp

Connecting the identities of various neighbourhoods

Connecting the identities of various neighbourhoods

The development of the mixed-use Friendshipsite in Antwerp offers a unique opportunity to enhance the experience of the convergence of various identities in the city.

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Friendshipsite Antwerp

EGM architects sketch a vision for transforming the Friendshipsite in Antwerp into a unique City Service Hub

As part of a public tender process, EGM architects presented a vision for a unique location in the centre of Antwerp, close to the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom). Dominating this site is the 'Friendship building', which creates fragmented leftover spaces. This building will be replaced by a complex that follows the contours of the location and defines the urban space.

Ambitious and contradictory

The challenge for this complex is both ambitious and contradictory: a filling station, a high-quality urban residential area, and a green semi-public space. EGM proposed a City Service Hub. The ‘Friendship building’ offers a point of recognition at the entrance to the city from the north. The combination of the filling station with private car parking spaces and public space at the heart of the complex ensures a warm welcome for visitors who arrive in Antwerp by car.

A sustainable complex full of character

The small city park at the heart of the complex offers a spectacular view of the old docks. Shops, restaurants and a tourist information point are located along the route towards the banks of the river. Various types of dwellings are arranged in a solid yet transparent framework. These dwellings are sustainable and allow for changes in size and function. The architecture of the complex reflects the character of the adjoining public space and enhances its quality. This unique combination of functions and scales makes a vibrant contribution to the city of Antwerp.