Radboudumc surgery building

Spacious and bright building around staggered green undulating terrace roofs, Nijmegen

High-tech surgery and healing environment go hand in hand across 40,000 m²

For years, the surgery specialisms at Radboudumc have made a significant contribution to healthcare. The surgery building contains 20 excellent operating rooms, 48 intensive care beds, ultra-modern real-time diagnostics during operations, and state-of-the-art nursing units with therapy pool, exercise garden and gymnasium for patients.

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The surgical specialisms provide optimal care in bright and green surroundings in the elegant surgery building. Whether it concerns highly complex or relatively minor surgical procedures, this spacious building supports care and recovery with advanced facilities. Daylight, views, greenery and streamlined operating processes characterize the intelligent design.


Inventive responses during construction

The surgery building forms part of the second phase of the master plan for the Radboudumc campus. A phase in which enhanced insights sometimes resulted in functional changes to the building. For example, during construction the planned office spaces were moved to the nearby administrative building and replaced with nursing units. Space also had to be reserved for a highly specialized area within the OR complex. This high-tech centre (MITeC) was later inserted. Challenges like these demanded inventiveness and flexibility from the architect.


Because we connected three operating rooms with the latest medical equipment, we are better able to see what happens in the body during an operation

Jurgen Fütterer, Radboudumc interventional radiologist on the MITeC


Stern on the outside, inviting and generous inside

In line with the existing structures on the campus, the surgery building reads as a rational and sleek object. It is a modern interpretation of the Bossche School style, with a balanced composition of planes and fine brickwork. By contrast, the interior is less rigid in terms of design. The curving roof terraces, the green views, and the glazed roof over the outpatient area create a pleasant ambiance.


Daylight enjoyed everywhere

Patients are operated on, treated and cared for in the surgery building. Light is skilfully manipulated in this comfortable green environment. A glass-roofed courtyard occupies the heart of the building, drawing light deep into the outpatient clinics, nursing units and operating rooms. The facades of this courtyard have distinctively curved terraces with vegetation that creates fine views.


View of vegetation and the city

Patient recovery is paramount at Radboudumc, and clear views contribute to that. That is why the single rooms have large windows that extend from floor to ceiling. They offer patients unobstructed views of the park. Patients and staff on the upper floors enjoy clear vistas far into the distance, across the town of Nijmegen and beyond.


Recuperation in the park

The medium care unit overlooks the park, where it avails of an exercise garden. In combination with a fitness studio and a therapy pool, this surgery building offers a stimulating environment in which patients can recuperate.


Improved surgery with unique state-of-the-art MITeC

The space left open during construction was earmarked for the Medical Innovation Technology expert Center (MITeC). An innovative operating centre where high-tech and healing environments come together. The intensive interplay between architect, client and design manager at Radboudumc ensured an integrated MITeC – tested with mock-ups – with the most efficient working processes. Evidence-based surgery made an important contribution here to the quality of life and innovation in healthcare.