Reinier de Graaf Hospital Interior

Hospital for the metropolitan region Delft

Five themes: the city of Delft, the polders, glasshouses, the beach and the metropolitan area

The design refers in various ways to the City of Delft and the surrounding service area. An area in which about 450,000 people rely on the Reinier de Graaf Hospital. These defining elements provide a recognizable and 'warm' building.

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The innovative and compact new Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis replaces two old hospital buildings. The new hospital is a building that exudes connectedness, both internally and externally. This was also the starting point for the new hospital. EGM architecten translated this into a design in which openness, connection and the city of Delft play a major role.

Recognizable themes from the service area

In order to make everyone feel at home, five recognizable themes from the service area were selected, namely; the City of Delft, the polders, glasshouses, the beach and the greater metropolitan area. Each theme was given its own color concept derived from photos from the area. Thus the orange theme of Delft reflects the orange roof tiles on an aerial view of the city. The warm sand yellow color refers to the beach and the green to the vast polders between Delft and the beach. The vast rows of greenhouses one can find in the polders have been translated into shades of green and gray.


Walking through the main corridor, one can always see on the left and right always a gateway to one of the department corridors. The floor and the wall have been given the same color, extending to the ceiling. This makes the entrance for each department recognizable.

Behind the gates, each department has been given a global foundation: a warm base color which can be  widely combined with other colors. All basic shades are in the range of warm grays.

In the public areas and, corridors, we have either given the sanitary cell or one side of the corridor a warm shade of grey.


At the Department Woman and Child we have done something else. Here we have applied a gradient to the excellent sanitary cells. The colors run from gate to gate. This is to give more color and experience to the woman and child department.


In the day care room the global foundation colors return. A warm soft base, offering a homely natural atmosphere; where one wall is covered with a woodchip, and the cabinet and the riser consists of timber. As accents, the curtains, loose inventory and duvet are added. These items bring color to the space. Also the duvet cover in which the whole service area of the Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis is reflected in a graphic manner designed by EGM architecten.