The Ark pastoral centre

Striking church, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

'It's about the inside, same as humans'

A church building that stands out for being quiet, both at night and during the day. The cross and the name on the outside of the building is the only thing that shows it is a church.

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The Ark pastoral centre

Church building that stands out for being 'quiet'

At the entrance of the residential areaV olgerlanden in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht,the pastoral center De Ark is immediately noticed. On the Laan van Welhorst the big, modest, gray building comes across as awarehouse. The exterior is purposely kept simple to focus onthe inside. 'It is the inside that matters, just as with people.'


Churchgoers await a different experience inside. At the bottom of the walls is a strip of glass. The water and the garden surrounding the church, are therefore to be seen. In combination with the air, all the basic elements come together. The building is surrounded by water on three sides, making the building appear to float. This idea is strengthened by the short sideof the building actually floating above the water.


'Stand out' both night and day is the key.In a noisy environment one can be noticed, either by screaming loudly or by being very quiet. In the 'noise' of Volgerlanden we have deliberately chosen to be quiet. The holy cross and the name of the church on the outsideof the building are the only features to indicate the building to be a church.