A school must provide pupils and students as many opportunities for developement as possible. Each age group proposes its own requirements, both individually and in groups. EGM architects can assist in realizing this very own world. A world where students can identify themselves with their surroundings and don't feel lost. Livability, safety, identity and experiences are key. School boards and managements pre-eminently involve us when progressive and innovative educational visions require adequate translation into a contemporary building concept. When a school building has to fit in safely and well-bonded in 'difficult' locations, or when there is need of a substantial expansion of existing buildings.

Primary education

In primary education, there still exists a demand for so called 'brede school' concepts: schools that provide more than just education. Towards clustering of schools, space for after-school care, integration with district and sports facilities. School homes are introduced. The social significance of the building increases and makes a clear demonstration in the area of even greater importance. Despite tight construction budgets, we provide attractive architecture.

We design from the core vision of an educational institution. A world for pupils and teachers with a well-considered orientation towards the world outside

Guidelines for the design are the quality of the location and a thorough analysis of the various programs. Our knowledge of many other sectors enables us to design buildings in which different users recognize their own objectives and visions and optimize their work processes. We do this with clear and appealing architecture. With clarity in structure and good adhesion in the district or neighborhood.

Secondary education

A school environment should excite, captivate, invite to learn and work. But also provide tranquility, security and safety. Especially for young people growing up. We do not think in classrooms, we think in activities. We design vast schools in a way so that they appear smaller in perception. Secondary schools need to display the opportunities that society offers the pupils and thus help in making the right choices. The analysis of the program, the need for education specific and general activities, and developments like e-learning and study landscapes will form the basis for future-proof design.


Our strength lies in designing strong building structures which shows the buildings organization, contacts with the environment and pays attention to aspects such as security and routing. By designing multifunctional learning environments, we create schools where fewer spaces facilitate more education. Without losing any quality, with an eye to the often visual learners. In this way we make large schools smaller in the perception of students and teachers. A closed environment, pleasant to work and learn in.

Study landscapes ask for creative and innovative solutions to accomodate education. Exchanging and sharing scientific knowledge and experience are primary objectives

Colleges and Universities

In colleges and universities exchange and sharing scientific knowledge and experiences are central themes. These are institutions where the talents and ambitions of young generations can develop. An essential contribution to the growth of our knowledge economy, one of the key pillars of economic development of the Netherlands. To keep that knowledge world position, investment in education is more important than ever. Investments in new education concepts and investments in modern accommodation.


The traditional educational buildings change increasingly into studyscapes: a collection of flexible spaces, large and small, open and closed work areas with collective exchange of knowledge and individual study. Buildings equipped with all kinds of supporting facilities, such as libraries, multimedia libraries, lecture rooms and restaurants. Cooperation with the business community for the colleges and universities becoming increasingly important and creates demand for a wide and accessible campus structure. Universities are embedded in open innovative knowledge campuses where science and business meet.


New developments call for creative and innovative housing solutions. EGM architecten knows the demand, has the experience and offers for each specific setting and situation a solution. With innovative building concepts that give form and substance to the developments in the modern higher and university education.