Designing for healthcare is complex but meaningful; the social significance is large. Vision and ideal go hand in hand with usefulness and economy. This makes designing, developing, building and managing in healthcare demanding, challenging and meaningful. We base our healthcare designs on six important themes: well-being, care vision, functionality and process, architecture and urban planning, sustainable building and exploitation.


The quality of the accommodation greatly affects a client's treatment options and well-being. In addition, it is important to relatives and employees. We take this into account in our design. Specific disorders and treatment methods require specific spatial and organizational solutions and atmospheres, sometimes temporary and flexible ones. We create atmospheres and experiences by creating variation in the closed and open characters of spaces, in views, choice of materials, detailing, colour schemes and lighting. Our ambition is to create living and working environments for all users, both residents and employees, which are beautiful, ready for the future and above all safe. For this purpose, we ensure there is synthesis between the building, the interior and the landscape.

 Mental Healthcare

We have a great deal of experience building for psychiatry and psycho-geriatrics in the broadest sense. Specialist psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, small-scale group facilities, outpatient clinics and independent housing - we have been allowed to supply all forms with functional, suitable housing.


We keep close track of developments in psychiatry and are actively involved with scientific research in this area. New insights and the accompanying types of therapy lead to innovative and flexible design concepts. Because we empathize with the needs and possibilities of residents and users, we are able to thoroughly analyse the design brief. We intensively consult with psychiatrists, nurses, supervisors and patient representatives, but also with technical service managers. We have experience with this multiformity in our clients' demands.


In addition to fine-tuning the design to healthcare, we act as discussion partners for our clients with regard to the development of their healthcare real estate portfolio. Nowadays, sustainability, maintenance and administration are subjects that are important for the exploitation and use of a building, and thus they are an integral part of the design.


Residential (healthcare) complex

We have many years of knowledge and experience in the area of healthcare and housing construction. As a result, we are one of the leading firms for residential (healthcare) services. As such, we contributed to the development of 'Geboden Toegang' (which would translate as 'access prescribed'), the internationally famous handbook for the accessible and usable design and construction for the disabled. We always contribute our ideas when discussing care processes and contemporary housing requirements with our clients, as well as discussing efficient and sustainable building management.


Residential and healthcare facilities are currently experiencing a major transition. As a result of government measures, focus is shifting from large-scale complexes to small-scale care services and facilities in neighbourhoods, and made-to-measure care at home. The care plan increasingly makes an appeal to relatives and volunteer caregivers. This leads to new concepts of care accommodation and accommodation for care provided by volunteer caregivers. In addition, the repurposing of care accommodation complexes is a topical subject in order to be able to offer cost-effective facilities to those in need of care.

Care hotel

A care hotel or recovery accommodation can allow for a smoother flow of patient traffic after hospitalization, and makes for an excellent preparation for returning to the home situation. These facilities allow breathing space for patients in a comfortable and attractive environment. Guests can call on a doctor or nurse and can make use of all hotel services; from restaurant and room service to wellness facilities. A new version of the use of care hotels is the development of healthcare tourism.