A house is the home base from which residents organize their lives. The quality of the living environment has a great impact on the wellbeing and thus on people's health. The people, the residents, therefore form a vital link in the design process. An intensive task where exterior, interior and environment integrally are being conceived and developed. Spatial quality and thoughtful use of materials thereby go hand in hand with sustainability and environmentally conscious design.


Both serial housing as an apartment building also draw attention to the combined indoor and outdoor spaces, in addition to the individual apartments and houses. Thus, the houses are anchored to their surroundings. That is the main quality that can and does determine the living comfort, besides the quality of the dwelling itself. In striving for the highest possible living comfort also the financial feasibility and rentability for example, housing associations and developers play an essential role. Through this integrated knowledge among EGM architects an optimal result can be achieved.


We can be of service for various clients with creative and practical experience-based solutions for the new housing issues. EGM architecten also has considerable expertise in the areas where the housing is associated with a need for care. In addition, we often design and implement concepts in which we combine high quality housing with the spatial and functional conditions for the effective provision of care. EGM architecten contributes in part from the commitment to the social mission of clients towards a sustainable contribution to housing in the Netherlands.

Housing and the residential environment have a significant impact on the well-being and health of people