Ido Holkamp

technical designer

About Ido

The fact that EGM offers ample space for innovation and the application of new techniques and processes in designing the built environment energizes me. I am an enthusiastic Technical Designer with a strong focus on creating sustainable designs that stand the test of time. My keen eye for detail enables me to produce drawings that bring complex designs to life. For the large and intricate designs at EGM, a modern approach to Building Integrated Modeling (BIM) is essential. In a world where vast amounts of digital information can be processed within a model, I find it crucial to strike the right balance between what information is important for both the client and the builder, ensuring processes remain smooth and efficient.

When I'm not immersed in buildings for EGM, I'm likely tinkering with my own historical 1930s home in Dordrecht or indulging in culinary (homemade) world cuisines.


  • +31 78 6330 660