DHA Hospital in Michalovce

Patients look forward to a new standard of healthcare

The hospital in Michalovce is one of many Slovak hospitals that cannot boast on a friendly environment. Old buildings with high maintenance requirements and another pavilions under long-term construction do not contribute to the provision of modern healthcare services.

New construction

When the current operator, Svet zdravia, took over the hospital as part of a long-term lease from the self-governing region of Košice, it undertook to resolve the continuous construction. However, building a completely new hospital proved to be a better option than finishing the existing pavilion.


Svet Zdravia

The company belonging to the Penta investment group chose Dutch Health Architects - a joint venture between EGM architects and Gortemaker Algra Feenstra - to design a modern facility. It will take approximately two years to build the hospital. Maurits Algra of Dutch Health Architects was interviewed in Trend magazine regarding this new design.


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