Next Generation Hospital, Michalovce

State-of-the-art facility with ‘healing environment’ in Michalovce (Slovakia)

A hospital that reflects state-of-the-art trends in healthcare

A compact hospital combining a healing environment with smart logistical structures, extensive functionality and modular layouts

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The Slovakian healthcare provider Svet Zdravia operates twelve hospitals in Slovakia. It originally focused on emergency medical services, but is now active in all areas of healthcare. Svet Zdravia has completed a new 'Next Generation Hospital' in Michalovce, Slovakia. This hospital differs completely from existing healthcare institutions in Slovakia. Not only does it boast state-of-the-art care facilities but it is also designed on the basis of new insights into healthcare, such as ‘healing environments’.

Healing environment as starting point

The Svet Zdravia Hospital in Michalovce is the first entirely new hospital built in Slovakia in the past 30 years. The client’s ambition with this project was to dispel all misconceptions about Slovakian healthcare. A ‘healing environment’ forms the basis for a well-functioning hospital in which patients, visitors and medical staff feel comfortable. The spacious atrium at the entrance welcomes visitors, and various courtyard gardens admit daylight and improve orientation.

Compact and future-proof

The design of the new hospital is compact, with smart logistical structures facilitating smooth operational management. Extensive functionalities ensure efficient workflows. The modular design means that the hospital can easily be adapted to meet future wishes and new developments in healthcare. Rooms can easily be made bigger or smaller. The ward with beds is highly innovative and has no traditional corridors.

Light and space

Plenty of light and space create a pleasant interior environment where patients feel at ease. There is direct contact between the surroundings and the courtyard gardens, and the materials chosen also contribute to the comfortable surroundings.

Dutch Health Architects

The Next Generation Hospital in Michalovce was designed by Dutch Health Architects (DHA), a joint venture between EGM architects and Gortemaker Algra Feenstra. The team obtained the commission on the strength of its expertise in accommodating hospital processes while maintaining a high level of service and comfort.