EGM and Erasmus MC receive daylight prize

Great appreciation for the use of daylight to create a healthy environment

The new Erasmus MC is awarded with a honourable mention from Dutch Daylight. The prize, accepted by Taco van Iersel (Erasmus MC) and Willemineke Hammer (EGM), is a recognition of the crucially important role daylight plays in this healthy building for employees, students, patients and visitors.


From the jury report:

The jury has great admiration for the fact that EGM architects has succeeded in extensively compacting an inner city academic medical centre and at the same time bringing plenty of daylight into the public spaces as well as the reception areas, consultation rooms, patient rooms, etc.

The new building transforms the academic hospital from a collection of separate buildings into a compact whole, organized around daylight and the patient care demand.


In the design the creation of a Healing Environment was leading. In addition to the balanced colour palette and clear, natural-looking signage, daylight and views play a prominent functional and aesthetic role. Atria, public areas and glass windows provide identity, ensure daylight entrance, orientation and connection with the city.


Several building entrances lead to the glass-covered passage with shops, green areas and places to meet. The rafters of the canopy filter the daylight in architectural ways and provide a pleasant acoustic and light climate. Large atriums and lowered patios bring daylight deep into the building and offer the possibility to escape the hospital atmosphere.


Where natural daylight is impossible or undesirable, biometric light, SkyCeilings and WallCeilings provide a stress-reducing environment for patients, visitors and staff. Large windows in patient rooms and workspaces provide a view of the city, port and roof gardens. This maximizes the experience outside-in and invites patients to actively move.


All together a Healthy and Healing Environment.