Erasmus MC Radiotherapy

Natural daylight, colours and healing images create stress-reducing environment

Carefully designed healing environment contributes to patient wellbeing

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The department of radiotherapy at the Erasmus MC consists of a total of twelve X-ray spaces, which contain six accelerators, two CyberKnives accelerators on a robot arm, and a room for brachytherapy. Four of the X-ray spaces feature an extra-thick floor 1.5 metres deep. This offers extra flexibility for future developments, such as a combination of an accelerator with an MRI. The radiotherapy department at Erasmus MC treats more than 5,100 patients a year, making it the biggest in the country.

Priority on patient wellbeing

Just as in the other areas of the Erasmus MC, the wellbeing of patients is the top priority at the radiotherapy department. The basement, where the department is located, is bright and spacious. Thanks to its separate entrance on Zimmermanweg, it does not feel too large anywhere. Natural daylight, colours and healing images create a stress-reducing environment.

Labyrinth-free X-ray spaces

A unique aspect is the X-ray spaces designed to avoid labyrinthine circulation routes. Heavy integrated innovative sliding doors made of steel and baryte concrete replace the ‘labyrinth’ of routes that served as the entrance to the X-ray space. This is more pleasant for patients and staff because it reduces walking distances considerably, and patients sometimes experienced the previous labyrinthine arrangement as frightening.

Healing art

The X-ray rooms feature photographic wallpaper of landscapes with various colours. These bring the outdoors into the buildings. The images reduce the feeling of being inside a clinic and exude a warm, humane ambiance. Details such as tailor-made supports that allow patients to lie in a particular position while undergoing treatment and tailor-made protection masks are concealed from view in the ceiling-high cabinets in the X-ray rooms. This also enhances the mood of calm in the space.

We sought a balance between functionality, warmth and a human scale in both appearance and layout

Views and daylight

Special features include the two daylight patios with greenery which, thanks to the atrium above, carry daylight deep into the basement waiting areas. The reception desks face the entrance, close to the large glazed facade. That opens up views and creates a direct connection with life on the street.


In addition to the X-ray spaces, the basement houses two CT spaces, various consultation rooms, a number of service spaces, and a pain-treatment zone for clinical patients. On the fifth floor the radiology department has a hyperthermia unit, where patients can be treated with heat in combination with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Also located here are the staff areas.