Ronald McDonald Living Room

Treehouse for parents and siblings of patients, Utrecht

A brief escape from the hospital atmosphere. A real living room, cosy and safe

The Ronald Mc Donald Children's Fund enables sick children and their families to be close together. In the cosy and homely Ronald McDonald Living Room, sick children and their families can escape the hospital for a short while.

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Safety, homeliness and comfort were important starting points for the design of the Ronald McDonald Living Room at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital. A place where children, parents and siblings can escape the hospital, if only for a while. A place without medical hustle and bustle, a place with a cosy and homely feel. A place to relax, read a book, play board games or computer games or watch television.

A real treehouse

The Ronald McDonald Living Room is located on the roof of the entrance hall at the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital. The wish to leave the medical environment behind was brought to life through a 'treehouse' design: a little freestanding house with a pointed roof, just like the one every child knows and draws.

Cosy and homely

The roof and exterior side elevations of the 'treehouse' are clad with slate in grey and orange hues. The north elevation consists entirely of glass in a robust wooden frame. This contrast continues inside. High ceilings are juxtaposed with snug corners. Room dividers made of wooden columns provide privacy or indeed subtle viewlines. Natural materials such as wood and cork and warm colours create a homely atmosphere.

Comfortable and energy-efficient

The familiar hospital sounds are no longer audible either. The white acoustic ceiling is sound-absorbing and literally provides peace and quiet. The large glass facade allows daylight to stream through and affords a view of the hospital?s beautiful courtyard garden. Optimal insulation in combination with an energy-efficient installation create a comfortable environment and low energy use. With this, the Ronald McDonald Living Room contributes to a pleasant stay in hospital and hopefully promotes a speedy recovery.