ABB Delft head office and R&D centre

This is where the future of high-tech charging systems for electric vehicles arises

A modern, fresh and appealing research and test building

Leading global engineering company ABB was looking for a building that matches its sustainable and innovative goals

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ABB and EGM share a focus on creating healthy environments. The new building in Delft emphasizes the Swedish-Swiss technology company's commitment to advancing developments in the field of sustainable mobility. Both the building itself as the research activities that will take place within the centre will help to build a better future.

Leader in charging systems

Epyon is a Delft start-up founded by former students of the Technical University. The company has developed one of the first fast charging stations in the Netherlands and was acquired by ABB in 2011. It now sells fast chargers in more than 70 countries. In the Netherlands, their stations can be found at the Fastned highway stations. The new headquarters and R&D center develops and tests charging systems. A complete city bus, truck or other electric heavy vehicle can drive in for tests with charging systems. Prototypes that may not yet be displayed are shielded and ready for research. In special test areas, extreme weather conditions can be simulated to test how charging systems behave. Temperatures from -40 to +40 °C and high humidity are generated here. For many other tests, computer simulation models of almost every electric car make and type are available.


Quiet dynamics

Spread over three floors, about 90 employees will eventually have a workplace. Due to the open internal structure, they see and meet each other easily and frequently. This promotes creativity among the technicians and especially with the people in the office. The robust interior has one color splash. The signal red central staircase is indispensable and a good landmark. Outside, the sunlight plays with the fresh white faceted facade above the dark solid plinth. The rhythm of the day thus creates a continuous calm dynamic play of light and shadow on the building.


This building is a clear signal to our own people and the market: we are serious about the business of e-mobility. This building expresses that message at all levels

Dennis Brouwer, Product Group Manager Electric Vehicle Infrastructure


Healthy and sustainable building

The compact building is connected to the cogeneration plant of TU Delft, the entire roof is covered with solar panels and the building is extremely well insulated. Inside, the latest technological ABB gadgets have been processed. For example, sensors for lighting and CO2 measurement are placed all around and the entire climate system and building management system is state of the art. Fortune Magazine ranked ABB number 8 on the list of companies that are changing the world for the better in the field of e-mobility. Here in Delft people are working on that cleaner world.


Photography: Sebastian van Damme