Erasmus MC CBT Rijnmond

Centre for Special Dental Treatment (CBT) Rijnmond

An atmosphere that reduces the level of stress in vulnerable patients

The Centre for Special Dental Care has been relocated to the former Sanquin Blood Bank at the Erasmus MC. Patients with a physical or mental disability or who experience dental anxiety are treated here. Tranquility, natural light and views are key.

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Patients with physical or intellectual disability or fear of the dentist are treated at the CBT Rijnmond. The private waiting zones for each category of patient and the choice of colour and material, ensures that patients feel at ease and experience a calming mood.

Quality second to none

The CBT Rijnmond is certainly special, because the category of patient treated here deserves special treatment. Most patients have a physical or intellectual disability. They cannot cope with normal dental care and are often frightened of dentists.


The type of treatment offered at CBT Rijnmond is also special, because whereas normal dentists are paid per treatment, the centre applies an hourly fee instead. This means there is plenty of time and space, and treatment is tailored to the physical and mental ability of patients who often, owing to their disability, have difficultly sitting still, or who are so scared that they undergo the treatment under full anaesthetic.

Friendly and comfortable

Together with the staff at CBT Rijnmond, EGM designed a building that exudes calmness and puts vulnerable patients at ease. Upon arrival, visitors report to an egg-shaped reception desk in the centre of the waiting area. This area is designed in a way that the receptionist can see the entire space, and each category of patient occupies its own waiting zone, thus optimizing comfort.


When patients are called for their treatment, they walk along a spacious corridor flooded with daylight to the enclosed treatment rooms that also have plenty of daylight through beautiful photos printed on glass, but do not offer view of the surroundings. As a result, patients are exposed to as few external stimuli as possible. Moreover, the choice of colour and material, soft blue hues and light wood, ensures that patients feel totally at ease and experience a calming mood.

In the heart of care

The new centre has seven dental treatment rooms, two independent treatment rooms and a small recovery room that can be accessed from two sides, allowing patients to enter from one corridor and staff from the other. This arrangement keeps service spaces such as storage and sterilization out of view and shortens walking distances for staff.


The CBT is located on the grounds of the Erasmus Medical Centre and adjoins the Sophia Children’s Hospital, thereby enhancing collaboration with the Erasmus MC. An internal connection allows patients from the hospital to be brought in directly for treatment.