Erasmuspark Goes

Residential care complex, independent living and quality care

Pleasant, high-quality, sustainable and energy-conscious residential care complex

A qualitative boost for the neigbourhood with a design based on a broad social consensus, responsive to current developments and scenarios for the future.

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Erasmuspark Goes

Residential care complex where people can be assured of high quality care

In the Erasmus Park in Goes, EGM architecten designed a new assisted living centre where residents can live independently and be assured of quality care whenever needed. Housing corporation, care provider and developer all joined together to create a comprehensive vision of a pleasant, high quality, durable and energy-conscious assisted living centre. The municipality and local residents worked together in order to spatially and functionally integrate the new location into the neighbourhood. Great views, plenty of sunlight, assurance of privacy and the advantage of togetherness were the most important base requirements.


EGM translated these requirements into a design consisting of four residential towers of different heights, playfully positioned in a park-like setting. The towers are connected by an underground parking garage and partially by a one-floor substructure containing the community and commercial facilities. Not only residents of the complex, but also the neighbourhood residents can use these facilities. The result: an excellent boost for the neighbourhood, where the socially broad design can easily respond to current developments and future scenarios.