LUMC Research building

Research Building, Leiden

Flexible, complex and innovative

Thanks to a modular structure and flexible laboratories, the Research building can easily anticipate the continuous changes in the field of scientific research. The clear structure, light and spaciousness ensure optimal interaction and transfer of knowledge.

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By means of high-quality research and education, the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) wishes to play an (inter)nationally recognized role in the improvement of health care quality. The Education building, designed by EGM architects, provides facilities for the Medical and Biomedical Sciences programmes. Transparency, spaciousness and materialization play important parts in the design.

Knowledge-sharing and interaction

The Research building is the first flexible research building in the Netherlands. EGM opted for measurements that would allow labs to placed anywhere. The laboratory floors have been divided into three zones: two zones along the outer walls, intended for labs and offices, and a central zone for supporting functions. Open spaces and natural light areas connected to lifts, staircases and central facilities create light and spaciousness, ensuring optimal interaction and transfer of knowledge.

Clear structure

The research and education functions lead to special requirements with regard to the building's structure and accessibility. By smart ordering and clustering, EGM has managed to make a complex building easy to read and work in.The building is open and light near the meeting and education areas, and more closed, safe and hygienic around the research functions.

Open and closed

The more public functions, such as education rooms, meeting rooms and the restaurant, are located on the transparent ground floor. The cutting rooms and workshops are located in the deepened basement, where no natural light enters. The biomedical, biochemical and biophysical labs are located on the first to sixth floors. The animal testing centre is on the top floor.

High-tech character

The unique façade awnings, window-cleaning and escape balconies and the projecting upper storey lend a high-tech character to the building.Due to its industrial, flexible and demountable design, the Research building obtained the IFD demonstration status in 2002.