Slob Shipyard Papendrecht

Office building for staff and engineering department

A challenging puzzle for sturdy new office building

A design, on a particularly tight site, that gives the core business plenty of space and complies with the regulations and the development plan defined by the municipality and Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch infrastructure agency.

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Slob Shipyard Papendrecht

Sturdy, efficient and no nonsense

Slob Shipyard appointed EGM architects to draw up a fully integral design for a new office building beside the River Beneden Merwede in Papendrecht, a small town close to Rotterdam. This modern shipyard constructs custom-made hulls for luxury yachts. The new building houses the staff and engineering department and offers a wonderful view of the River Merwede. The building is constructed of concrete, steel and glass — honest materials that reflect the sturdy, efficient and no-nonsense image of Slob.

Challenging puzzle

The new office for Slob Shipyard occupies the corner of the dock, overlooking the River Merwede. The location, space needed for business operations, and site factors such as parking space and delivery routes resulted in a cantilevered volume and, hence, limited footprint. This challenging puzzle was largely determined by the regulations and the development plan drawn up by the local government and Rijkwaterstaat.

A nod to shipping

The building is constructed of honest and maintenance-free materials such as concrete, steel and glass. The interior has an industrial feel, with a nod to the company business and shipping sector. For example, positioned as an eyecatcher in the centre of the office space is a staircase made of welded steel sheets. Also in the reception and pantry areas the same steel sheets are being used, and shades of blue and ochre echo the company logo. The huge glazed facade brings daylight into the heart of the interior and offers wonderful views of the river. The new office fits like a glove: recognizable, comfortable, functional and future-oriented.


The building is compact and, to a large extent, circular. Many elements, including facade components, are prefabricated and demountable. The energy efficient triple glazing has integrated solar shading. Moreover, the design is modular and can respond to future shrinkage or expansion.



Photography: Rob van Esch | Ruimtes in Beeld, photography and drone footage: Marcel IJzerman