Sports Pavilion Fletiomare-Oost

Sports Pavilion, Utrecht

One building for three sports clubs: striking, open and accessible

The municipality of Utrecht wanted the design of sports pavilion Fletiomare in the Leidsche Rijn neighbourhood to be easily recognized and accessible. EGM Architecten designed a building that projects comradery and togetherness, but also emphasizes the individual characters of each sports club.

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Sports Pavilion Fletiomare-Oost

Sustainable and transparent building for schools from municipality of Utrecht, korfball Fiducia and SFO (football and handball PVCV Concord). The pavilion includes two sports canteens, a general dressing room complex and common area

A new sports pavilion for a netball club, a football club, and a team handball club. One building for three different sports clubs, each with their own character. The Municipality of Utrecht wanted a characteristic building that emanated comradery, but would also be distinct for each club. EGM designed a building that reflects the character of each club: transparent, accessible, and recognizable. In addition, the building is also sustainable and low maintenance, with a focus on flexibility and operational ease. This new building is a response by the municipality to population growth in the Leidsche Rijn neighbourhood, and related increase in demand for sports facilities.

Split design

The pavilion houses two sports cafeterias, one general changing room complex, and common areas. The design incorporates a clear division: the striking upper level which includes the shared changing rooms, and the two cafeterias on the ground floor. The upper level literally overshadows both cafeterias, and stresses the communality of the facilities. The cafeterias each have their own prominent and easily recognized main entrance.

Multifaceted and dynamic

The building was designed and built to be multifaceted, so that it really has only front sides. The unusual protruding shape of the upper level, made from metal materials with clear lettering and images, facilitates recognition from every angle. Its twist also gives the impression of movement. In the evening, the sports pavilion is a beacon of light, and therefore a striking landmark.

Transparent and a single unit

The overhang from the changing rooms creates a natural sun shade for the cafeterias. Both cafeterias are situated on the diagonal, and are made largely of glass. The result is transparency, and maximum views of the fields. The cafeterias have outdoor terraces along their full lengths. Multiple swinging doors form a division between indoors and outdoors. Open spaces offer views of the upper corridors surrounding the dressing rooms, and visually connect its various features. This emphasizes the sense of community even more.