The Accelerator

Study for multi-tenant building for Life Sciences R&D companies

Accelerate and excel in a rapidly changing market

In addition to a pleasant working environment, The Accelerator also offers an innovative hospitality concept meant to de-stress you.

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The Accelerator is a vision for a multi-tenant building for innovative companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The focus within the building is on bringing the various users into contact with each other through personal contact and sharing knowledge and information. It is a gathering place of activities with high-quality shared facilities, such as a restaurant, a coffee bar with barista, an auditorium and a meeting center. The representative total concept of hospitality de-stresses users and adds an extra dimension to the primary processes within the building.

Designed from the inside out

The building is set up with a sense of scale and size. In essence, The Accelerator is a building for research & development and facilitates freedom of thought. The Accelerator has three main functions: laboratories, offices and representative spaces. The building was designed from the inside out with working concepts for laboratories and offices as the point of departure. From there the building structure has been further developed. The work areas have a manageable size, which creates possibilities for efficient, continuous layouts, depending on the space requirement: from closed spaces for concentration and the processing of confidential information to open, shared spaces for relaxation and social encounters.


The atrium, which runs from the entrance to the executive lounge at the top of the building, forms the connection between the work areas and common areas. Every organization has its own front door to the atrium, directly linked to the main entrance. The work floors are always oriented to the atrium with a view of the surroundings, so it is always clear where people are in the building. At the atrium, balconies offer inspiring meeting places, connected by inviting staircase parties. This evolves traffic areas into living spaces. It is precisely in these places that space is created for informal, spontaneous encounters that contribute to the primary work processes within The Accelerator.

High-quality and innovative hospitality concept

The high level of facilities is characteristic of The Accelerator. The hospitality concept unburdens, is representative of the culture of the various organizations and offers users an attractive working environment.


All facilities are brought together in a special app, with which for example meeting rooms can be booked and reservations can be made for the restaurant, but also ordering a taxi or dry cleaning or calling on facility support such as office manager, security or caretaker can take place via this app.


The design focuses on a BREEAM excellent score. In addition, WELL Gold was used as the design direction. A first quick scan of the applied sustainable measures results in a score of 77%. Aspects that contribute to this include the compact form of the building that minimizes energy loss, the efficient façade concept with optimum balance of maximum light entry, sufficient sun protection and prevention of heat loss, heat-cold storage and monitoring of system management. The performance of the building is monitored via a digital dashboard.


Concept development and collaboration

The concept of The Accelerator was developed in close collaboration with a.s.r. real estate, Dura Vermeer Real Estate BV, Dura Vermeer Bouw Midden West BV, Deerns Nederland BV, DGMR, Van Rossum Advisory Engineers BV, Alba Concepts and Enbiun.