Our experience designing and styling buildings for government and local authorities is just as extensive as the range of government services. Our portfolio stretches from town halls to fire stations and from district water board's offices to courts of law. Together with the client, we shape the processes and design appealing, innovative buildings. Buildings that optimize work processes and simultaneously ensure a pleasant environment that is easy to navigate for users and visitors. By listening critically to our clients and stakeholders, we have gained a thorough understanding of the work processes. We have acquired knowledge of the changes in the organizations, and insight into the demands posed by society. Together with the client, we will design a building that does more than simply meet the programme of requirements. Together we will find the best solutions.

Designing for the government

As a highly specialist firm, we realize beautifully designed buildings, but above all, we contribute to the efficiency of work processes and to keeping operating costs under control. We contribute to flexible buildings that are ready for the future. To a healthy work environment. We point the way toward socially responsible designs using integral architectonic and climatic concepts for a realistic price, as befits the government's role in serving as an example to others in the areas of sustainability and cost-awareness, transparency, accessibility and low energy consumption.

Public buildings

Public government buildings form a particular challenge when it comes to combining an efficient, pleasant work place with being open and hospitable to visitors - in addition to having its own character and couleur locale, being rooted in local society, the history, the landscape and the local cultural values. A government administration building has symbolic value as well, representing democracy, transparency, and the coming together of government, citizens and business. Therefore, both employees and visitors should be able to feel at home in the building, as well as take pride in it.


We are much in demand as a development partner, due to our knowledge with regard to the services and work processes in public administration, combined with our effective way of working that includes design, realization and, when desired, maintenance in a turn-key contract. Our dialogue with the client is conducted from the perspective of the end users. That way, we realize well-organized, user-friendly buildings.

Police stations & Judicial institutions

Designing and realizing buildings for police and the judiciary demands a thorough knowledge of the business processes and security aspects. Both greatly affect the appearance of this type of building. We possess ample, demonstrable knowledge of this subject matter. Our buildings are characterized by a clear lay-out, with particular attention for short, functional walking routes and clear, easy to navigate corridors and hallways.


We ensure that the necessary security systems are concealed from view as much as possible. Combined with the right materials and colour scheme, we create a friendly environment. In addition to specific architectural knowledge, this integration also demands knowledge of mechanical and electrotechnical engineering. And we never lose sight of the human aspect. The chosen materials and colour scheme, as well as the influx of natural light, can contribute to a more pleasant environment for working and staying in. Indirectly, this positively contributes to security.

Every design has its own character and couleur locale, rooted in local society, the history, the landscape and the local cultural values

Emergency services

Public emergency services, such as the fire department and the police, need to be perfectly situated in the urban environment. In addition, they need a design of extreme functionality and excellent logistic clarity. These demands require the utmost of the architect's qualities. As a full-service firm, EGM architects has all these qualities on hand. Structural and architectonic qualities, and qualities with regard to urban planning. We have already developed several demonstrably successful concepts on limited budgets. Without having to make concessions to sustainability, flexibility and expandability.


As a result of several developments in local government, fire stations are 'growing' into buildings that provide several services with regard to security: incident room, ambulance service and municipal surveillance. These services each have their own particular context and experiences. That means accommodation has to meet new demands. In close consultation with the users, we always manage to put an effective solution in place. It is these different dynamics that make designing buildings for emergency services such an interesting assignment. We ensure a clear arrangement, in which the different functions can optimally benefit from each other's presence, but - sometimes literally - do not get in each other's way in the execution of their duties. We empathize with the needs of the users. And we make sure that, for those who spend 24 hour-shifts in the building, a large building can feel 'small'.