Labs and industry

Research is the basis for development and progress. It is the engine for innovation and the road to solutions for social issues. Research starts with curiosity; it searches for answers and new questions. Scientific research seeks new insights into numerous issues, diagnostic research into a deeper knowledge of diseases with the aim of implementing effective treatments as quickly as possible. Industrial and commercial research wants to develop new products and technologies and improve existing ones. EGM architecten knows the specific requirements of the various research sectors and generic themes like no other.

Research centres and laboratories

Research results often find their way into industry for production and business. There, the main requirements are the efficiency of production processes, production safety and commercial appeal. This often requires distinctive and exceptional buildings, where research processes can run and evolve at their best, within the limits of safety and confidentiality. We possess wide-ranging expertise and experience with laboratories for fundamental scientific research, laboratories for diagnostic research (clinical chemistry and medical microbiology) and pharmaceutical laboratories.


Each research sector has its own specific requirements and resulting building solutions, but they are all subject to the same social and economic trends, and to essential, current themes such as sustainability, flexibility and knowledge-sharing. This makes great demands of technology, functionality, flexibility, layout, hygiene and safety. Experience-related values such as daylight, views and spaciousness are of equal importance. What’s more, one important condition is that the building concept stimulates interaction and knowledge-sharing between specialised team members, because communication between colleagues is essential for successful research and the development of knowledge.


We have extensive knowledge of and experience with designing laboratories and the building-specific requirements and considerations, such as the incorporation of complex technical infrastructures and hygiene aspects. We also have experience with many different laboratory types involving work with specific laboratory equipment and dangerous substances, such as LAF, CFK, and VWB, in cleanrooms. We are skilful designers of laboratories with ‘smart’ structures that enable multiple and flexible use. This offers users variable options and makes the building future-proof and sustainable. We relish the challenge of perfectly integrating state-of-the-art technology in a beautiful and pleasing building. A challenge that continuously inspires us to design the best and most stunning laboratories.

Commercial property

In the Netherlands, carefully considered and aesthetic conditions are laid out for the design of commercial property in residential areas. However, business parks often display a random cacophony of buildings. Within this colourful collection of structures, we deliver meaningful buildings for our clients. Buildings that allow a client to position his business and promote it to the wider world, and that convey something about the image and activities of the company. Each of our designs is unique when juxtaposed with its neighbours, and simultaneously facilitates business processes perfectly and anticipates future developments.


We transform the often (partially) specific guidelines into buildings that inspire the user, entice the acquisition of new clients and embody the company’s position in society. We design and complete a superior building, specific to its location, aimed at business operations and with maximum functionality and ingenious logistics. In short, buildings that represent their role in modern society and can adapt to their long-term effective social role with no more than minimal adjustments.