Leisure - free time and relaxation - plays an increasingly large role in society. Sports activities have an important place among recreation, and sports enthusiasts have come to demand modern, adequate sports facilities for the best sports experience. In shops, the customer experience is similarly gaining in importance. Architecture can make a large, positive contribution to the experience of both shopper and sports lover. EGM architects has extensive experience in designing for leisure. Whether it are sport accommodations or shops, we have the knowledge and the means to expertly facilitate the process from 'pitch to plaza' within a flexible design process. The main objective is to realise a total design, that contributes to a positive (customer) experience.

Optimal leisure experience in a building tailored to your needs

Sports and recreation

Be it a sports canteen, gym, sports club or centre, or a stadium; a building used for sports should exude its own identity, matching that of the sporting club or organization. Members should be able to take pride in their club's building, identify with it and visit it with pleasure. Of course, more practical considerations also play a part, such as a clear lay-out and rationality of use. For example, the orientation of the stands for the audience and the buildings on the field or pitch. But also its social safety and the ability to withstand intensive use.


We realize that sports clubs have limited funds and rely heavily on the work of enthusiastic volunteers. That's why we ensure the buildings are affordable and durable, and require minimal maintenance, as well as being socially safe and able to withstand intensive use. If so desired, our designs are multifunctional, so that the use by third parties helps keep down expenses for the club.


We avoid repetition and design a unique building for every club. Recognizable and with its own identity. A building that exudes not only pleasure, but also pride in the club, and which is the basis for a successful club life.

Shops and shopping centres

Presentation, value creation, 'traffic', return on investment. Image, scale, safety, speed. The world of retail is dynamic, just as designing for retail is. Urban development, architecture, interior, project supervision, safety counselling and building physics; all these disciplines come together in the dynamic design process for both new construction and revitalization of shopping facilities. Our integral approach is based on our vision, as well as our experience with designing for retail, and the knowledge of complex assignments which put social significance first. A simple shop window and a large international shopping mall have more in common than you would suspect at first glance.


For retail, a successful execution always means good logistics and routing, and a pleasant shopping climate that both attracts and retains customers. This requires a good understanding of these similarities and knowledge of the differences, and the ability to translate these into a clear concept. Every time. For the small independent retailer. For the major chain franchisee who is to be carefully 'positioned' into a health care boulevard. For the design of a themed mall in the bend of the largest traffic intersection of the Netherlands. Or for a shopping alley at an international airport.