Maastricht UMC+ begins large-scale renovation

EGM to transform the main building into a wonderfully fresh, healthy and optimally functioning place for staff and patients

Maastricht UMC+ has drawn up a challenging strategic property agenda for 2040 comprising various projects. EGM will oversee one of the first major projects: the renovation of the clinics*.


The renovation envisaged by Maastricht UMC+ aligns closely with the knowledge and expertise of EGM. That is why, right from the first design sketches, this assignment feels like the perfect collaboration that we look forward to tackling. EGM will transform the clinics in the 30-year-old main building, turning them into a wonderfully fresh, healthy and optimally functioning place for staff and patients. We are extremely pleased to begin this project with Maastricht UMC+ as our client and with Royal HaskoningDHV, which has been selected to advise on installations.


Large-scale renovation

The clinics project covers an area of over 30,000 m2. The assignment includes the phased renovation of all general nursing units, the units for intensive care, and the Woman-Mother-Child Centre. The design and realization phases will take a number of years.


In selecting EGM, Maastricht UMC+ commends the ‘clear design’ and ‘elegant solution’ with ‘various feasible innovations’. That is precisely what we at EGM want to achieve with the design and why we always work with total commitment: a clear vision based on progressive innovation, which results in a healthy building for patients and staff. On the strength of our research, carried out independently and with other parties, into the future nursing rooms and intensive care rooms, we can create pleasant places for good volunteer care in our designs. For Maastricht UMC+, we will build on the academic research into the wellbeing and comfort of hospital staff, with which our colleague AnneMarie Eijkelenboom recently obtained her doctorate. Through the involvement of EGM r&d, we emphasize the importance of agreeable conditions for care staff.


Sustainable for people and environment

The renovation contributes to a healthy environment for staff and other users through a number of carefully chosen ‘evidence based’ solutions and innovations. As ingredients of the daily ‘healing environment’, we propose places for wonderment, recognizable and tactile materials, rounded shapes, living greenery and generous daylight. They ensure that the hospital building itself contributes to the health of patients, visitors and staff.


Besides the many integrated sustainable solutions in the building, sustainability means that the hospital process is optimized sustainably and that the building can accommodate changing demands. For example, without affecting the functioning of all units, the clinics can adapt in a flexible and step-by-step manner in response to needs in the event of a pandemic. The design by EGM is geared to minimizing the demand for and consumption of energy (smart hospital concept) and limiting waste flows, which are processed to the maximum in a circular way. All innovations combine to take a major step towards a future-proof hospital in accordance with the Green Deal for Sustainable Care.

The design for the renovation of the clinics is already underway.


*Impression of entrance area, Maastricht UMC+ Clinic. Definitive design yet to be finalized and may differ from this image.