Hospital Nova, Central Finland

New hospital facilities where patient needs come first, Jyväskylä Finland

Patient focus and efficiency go hand in hand

In the design for the new KSSHP Hospital in Jyväskylä novel health care processes are converted into flexible spatial models.

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In 2010 the board of the Finish KSSHP hospital decided to realize a new hospital in which the highest level of international healthcare and architectural design were combined. EGM architecten and Finnish architectural office JKMM were asked to design this new hospital.

Personalized medical care

The KSSHP hospital is located in Jyväskylä in central Finland, and forms the center of a healthcare region of 21 municipalities. This area – almost as large as The Netherlands - is the biggest non-academic healthcare region of Finland. The hospital offers almost all medical specialties, invests in education and research, and has a close collaboration with other hospitals in the region, like the Kuopio academic hospital.


The new facilities offer patients a healing environment


At the KSSHP hospital the needs of the patient come first. The hospital stimulates an active role of the patient in her or his treatment in order to provide the best possible and personalized medical care. The design of the hospital is based on this vision. Due to the big distances in the region the new facilities offer patients a comfortable stay in a healing environment, that stimulates rehabilitation. The building has a gross floor area of 102.000 m2 and contains 383 single bedrooms. The operating complex has 24 operating theatres, including a hybrid OT.


Compact design

Despite the size of the hospital, it has a compact design, providing a human scale with easy wayfinding for patients and staff, a high level of sustainability and efficient medical and logistic processes. Smart and advanced technologies are incorporated in the design, like an automatic waste-disposal system and automatic guided vehicles for logistic transportation.


Aerial images of the hospital are shown here.



European Healthcare Design Awards 2022 - Winner - Healthcare Design (> 25,000 sqm)
FRAME Awards 2021 - Shorlisted - Institutions


Fotografie: Ecophon, Hannu Rytky, Martin Sommerschield, Pauliina Salonen, Tuomas Uusheimo
Video: (c)Tapio Snellman