Waalwijk City Hall

City Hall

Open, inviting but still powerfully dynamic

A place for political debate. For service. Because of that significance and role we decided on a strong bond with the environment: the city centre and the motorway.

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Waalwijk City Hall

A building with two faces, strongly connected to the environment: the city centre and the motorway

The new City Hall in Waalwijk is a building with two faces. Open and inviting to residents, powerful and dynamic to passersby on the A59. A city hall is an essential part of a democratic society. A place for political debate. For services. Because of this the building forms a strong bond with its surroundings: the city centre and the motorway. From the motorway diagonal sightlines offer a view of the contours of the old city of Waalwijk. In the foreground the new City Hall, with its corner tower on the motorway side, gives a playful nod to the monumental dome of St. John the Baptist Church.


The six-story office tower stands out somewhat and is slightly askew, increasing the dynamic appearance of the building. On the city side, adjacent to the nostalgic green Winterdijk, the new City Hall and its three-storey height fits in well with the beautiful old downtown buildings. Strips of glass in the façade and roof provide a good amount of daylight in the large central hall, which gives the impression of a wide plaza. From the market, through the courtyard and into the central hall; all Waalwijk roads lead to City Hall.