Waterschapshuis Hollandse Delta

Water Board Hollandse Delta, Ridderkerk

A sustainable and flexible work environment

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Waterschapshuis Hollandse Delta

Low-maintenance and energy-efficient housing in a bold and open building

The headquarters of the Water Board Hollandse Delta was completed following a reorganisation in which four water boards and a purification board were merged together to create the Water Board Hollandse Delta. The water board itself landscaped the location like a polder (reclaimed farm land). A dike, small canal and nature-friendly banks turn the site into a beautiful nature reserve where everyone is welcome. The building communicates the essence of the water board at all levels, both inside and out. Outside the building emanates the cool Dutch sobriety, symbolising what the water board stands for: an honest, reliable, modern, open organisation where people work together professionally.


The interior reflects this, too, with sober yet flexible workstations. The atrium forms the heart of the building. The central meeting place for personnel. Circling this area are the offices, fitted with doors that open up into it. Enormous amounts of daylight flow in through the atrium’s glass roof. CCA (concrete core activation) and innovative climate control provide an extremely energy efficient and comfortable indoor climate. Additionally, low-maintenance materials are also used along with energy efficient lighting and daylight regulation. This is how the Water Board Hollandse Delta makes its contribution to a sustainable and liveable society. The project was nominated in 2009 for BNA Building of the Year Delta Region.