MMC Operating Theatre Complex

Outpatient clinic, pre-operation unit and operating theatres, Veldhoven

Clever design separates patient flows and creates space and calmness

The clear structure, generous amount of daylight and ingenious layout create a welcome sense of calm inside the building. The design devotes plenty of attention to privacy and family-centred care, in which circulation for children and adults have been completely separated in a remarkable manner.

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MMC Operating Theatre Complex

Future-proof and modern complex and outpatient clinic

The Máxima Medical Centre commissioned EGM to draw up an integral design for the new complex of operating theatres in Veldhoven. The complex comprises eight hyper-modern operating theatres and an outpatient clinic. It was originally planned to renovate the existing MMC operating theatres, but new guidelines for infection prevention made the client opt for new development. This provided opportunities that were hardly possible through renovation. The result is a future-proof building: spacious, bright, well-organized and clearly laid out. A special feature is the emphasis on family-centred care and separate routes for adults and children.

Operating theatre complex

The large new operating theatre complex covers three floors, one of which houses technical installations. Plenty of daylight, efficient circulation routes and the use of natural colours ensure that patients feel at ease and staff have a pleasant working environment. Much attention has been devoted to the privacy of patients throughout. A large central patio draws daylight right into the heart of the building and creates logical circulation routes in both the operating theatre complex and the outpatient clinic.


Daylight and views

Located on the ground floor of the complex are the new outpatient clinic and pre-operation unit. The eight new operating theatres – including one for robot surgery and one hybrid operating theatre – are grouped on the first floor. All operating theatres receive daylight and staff enjoy views of the surroundings, which was one of the main wishes of the medical personnel.


What a building! It’s just as busy as it used to be, and what do you see around you? Calmness

Wil Speetjens, manager care group operating room



Inside the new OR complex

Calmness and space

The routing through the complex is logical and clear. Patients are brought from the pre-operation unit to the operating theatres on the first floor, and after surgery to the recovery room on the same floor. The operating theatres are finished flush throughout and fitted with the latest equipment and air treatment. Moreover, as they are larger than the old operating theatres, they offer not only greater freedom of movement but also space to integrate future developments and larger and heavier pieces of equipment.


To ensure that children remain children during their treatment, the complex includes a special department that offers lots of opportunities for play and distraction. Thanks to separate patient routes, children never encounter adult patients inside the building. They have their own waiting room, their own route to the operating theatres, and their own recovery room. All circulation routes run clockwise around the patio. Because of this, a sense of calm pervades the complex, despite its large size. At the same time, the one-way circulation reduces the likelihood of errors.


Unique design and construction process

The new development is the result of a unique design and construction process, from ambition and design all the way to realization. Right from the start, consultation sessions and workshops ensured that staff were closely involved in the design. The building consequently supports the working processes in the best possible way.


Photography: Rob van Esch | Cleanroom Combination Group (OT)

Video: (c)MMC