Arnold Sikkel

partner – architect

About Arnold

I’ve enjoyed working at EGM for almost four decades. During that time I’ve been able to design many interesting and beautiful projects. In the early years I mostly worked on housing schemes. Later my focus shifted to the complex world of hospitals and laboratories.

What makes working in health care so special for me is that my experience enables me to apply innovation in the current medical industry, a sector with a great social responsibility. The hypermodern operating theatres at the Maxima Medical Centre, the Sint Maarten Clinic and the Ikazia Hospital illustrate this approach best. People are increasingly the focus of the health care sector. This applies to patients of course, but certainly to medical professionals as well. I want to contribute with enthusiasm by designing beautiful, spatially interesting and healthy environments.

Laboratories also perform that social role, whether they concern health, safety, food or medicine. The state-of-the-art building for biotechnology firm HALIX (Leiden) is a highly relevant example today.

Another project that is very close to my heart is the Rusthof Cemetery (Amersfoort). That’s an encounter between a national heritage site and modern architecture. I’ve been able to draw on all my interests and knowledge in the design of the new Curaçao Medical Center. The successful integration into the local island culture still gives me great satisfaction. I can safely say that my work covers everything from the cradle to the grave.